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      Wait… analog buttons? Yep, turns out the original xbox controller has a hardware feature not seen since the PS3 era - the A, B, X, Y, white, and black buttons have 256 pressure levels.

      A capability that led to many unfortunate guard stabbings in Metal Gear Solid 3 on the PS3. To hold a guard and interrogate them you had to slightly hold down one of the buttons, but hold it down too much and you stabbed them! I’ve never seen another game use that “feature”, thankfully.

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        MGS2 had it initially with “slowly lowering the weapon” vs. “firing the weapon.” That caused, uh, similar outcomes when trying to hold up guards.

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          Fool me once

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            Metal gear solid me once, could be a fluke. Metal gear solid me twice, someone loved that feature

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              It’s Kojima or someone who only reports to Kojima. Death Stranding’s controller interactions are similarly complex and fuzzy. You use the same pressure-sensitive triggers to hike up the straps of Sam’s backpack to keep balance better and also throw piss at ghosts, with only some really detailed semantics about timing and pressure to differentiate them.

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                throw piss at ghosts

                If I didn’t know the game, I’d think you were exaggerating.

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        Gran Turismo 3 used it for acceleration. I also felt like some platformers (Jak and Daxter perhaps?) used it, unless that was just me hitting the button harder in a vain attempt to jump higher.

        (edit: I figured out the list and I am disappointed to find I wore out my controller for nothing)

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      Reading these kinds of articles just makes my day. Not for profit, not even really fulfilling some great need, just hacking and tinkering for the fun of it. Great to see!

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