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    The GitHub requirement is a little monoculture-ish, but I like it otherwise.

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      I’m curious what others you’d include? Bitbucket? Other than Atlassian code, I don’t use anything that’s in a Bitbucket repo. SourceForge? I’m trying to think of others…

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        PyPy is one of the larger ones on Bitbucket. I’m pretty sure I’ve run across others, but they aren’t coming to mind at the moment. Also, GNU projects are all somewhere other than Github, due to GitHub itself not being free software. Most are on GNU’s own Savannah, though a few are scattered elsewhere, e.g. Mailman is at Gitlab.

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          Gitlab, gogs.

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            Am I missing something? I’m confused by the mention of Gitlab and gogs as I understand that the point of the Hacktoberfest is to create pull requests to OSS projects.

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              Am I missing something as well? Gitlab and Gogs both have a concept of pull requests, and both are used by OSS projects around the web. They also have APIs, and there are plenty of other source code hosts that aren’t just git (Launchpad from Canonical for example) so I think gp’s comment is completely valid.

              It’s indeed a little monoculture-ish - Github is far from the only place to host open source code. The largest? Probably, which makes it easy to get more people involved. The network effect as well as brand recognition played a huge part in their choice of relying only on Github, I bet.

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                I guess I lead a sheltered life as I’ve yet to encounter an OSS project that wasn’t on Github or SourceForge (though haven’t encountered the latter in years – the ones I looked at in recent memory were dead), or on Google, which is now a dead environment.

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        Last year I didn’t get one of these

        this year I will.

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          all u fam

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          I find Octoberfest-themed events very weird, especially as rarely happen over Octoberfest…

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