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    Does anyone use Jami for chatting or calling? What are your experiences?

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      I’ve been trying it out with a couple of crustaceans today, and at least on android, basic two-person chats seem to work well. They don’t have group conversations yet, but work is underway: https://jami.net/swarm-introducing-a-new-generation-of-group-conversations/

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        Also, while you can link your account to several devices, messages sent from one device does not show up on the linked devices. Pretty frustrating.

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          It’s on the way, swarm chat give the ability to sync messages across devices (cf the article from munksgaard)

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            Sounds good. Thanks.

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          caution: video conference are done since the beginning. There’s only 1-1 text chat though.

          (I got fooled too and was corrected by a Jami dev: https://lobste.rs/s/gm1xqu/gnu_jami_together_release_enriched_video#c_hxknps)

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          I tried it yesterday, there is no way to explicitly reply to a certain message and afaict the only emoji is the thumbs up emoji but besides that it was surprisingly good, it just worked.

          There was a sync issue at one point and I was like “this sucks I am spoiled” but it turns out the person on the other end had closed the app for a second and since it’s literally p2p it’s not surprising that the messages failed to deliver as instantly as they had been when we were both present.

          Looking forward to group conversations, I think using a DHT for routing, TLS for e2e connections and git for the underlying sync model is brilliant. All of this technology is super battle tested and the result seems to work quite good.

          Edit: feel free to add me, I have the same username here as there.

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          Last discussion (3months ago): https://lobste.rs/s/gm1xqu/gnu_jami_together_release_enriched_video

          I use it regularly with 1 or 2 persons mettings. In fact it has been the only video conference software that worked to connect me with a friend. Jitsy, Google Hangouts, Skype and whatnot always had an issue on his or my machine. Jami always works out of the box.