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    It costs money to operate an email service at scale. How much would you be willing to pay for this?

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      I would sign in with Firefox. I trust Mozilla much more than Google and I trust Mozilla to work out a solution that preserves privacy beyond simply trusting Mozilla instead of Google.

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        I’m a bit torn on Mozilla. I trust them more than Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. but not that much more due to some shenanigans in the recent years with the latest example being their DNS-over-HTTPS push with Cloudflare.

        However, I’d still give them money as it would be one avenue where we could hopefully break the hold that the big names are getting over the internet.

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          I don’t think their DoH push is that harmful, the tech could help a lot of people with shady ISPs.

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            The problem with the DoH push is that their worldview is extremely US centered, while I in Europe would rather have my (not shady) ISP have my DNS data than yet another big US company (with its usual promises).

            (Disclaimer: I’m a PowerDNS employee.)

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              I’m in Europe. I don’t trust my ISP that much; their DNS Server redirects me to a search page run by them, which delivery poor results and incredibly annoying adware.

              I would run my own DoH resolver if necessary, CF is Mozilla’s Point of Trust in the US but I don’t see why that prevents me from doing it myself.

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                The point is not so much how a technical person like you will handle it, but how they were planning on introducing it to the average user. It was going to be a kind of a “cookie warning” dialog that people automatically click through.

                They’ve made some amendments since then.

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                  Personally I would hope it stays opt-in or Firefox will simply try the DHCP configured DNS server.

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        The idea can be extended to offer a Sign in with Firefox option across web services, a privacy-respecting alternative to the convenient but invasive “Sign in with Google/Facebook/Twitter” options.

        I wouldn’t trust them to run “sign in with Firefox” (they already did and screwed that up completely), let alone an email service (not going to rely on Mozilla for something as critical as mails).