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    So for those wondering this was the BroadPwn attack from earlier this year. It has been fixed for iOS for a while. This is actually a pretty interesting post though.

    PSA: BroadPwn effected the BroadCom BCM43XX chipset firmware. If you had this chipset please make sure you had installed any security upgrades related to this.


    @tedu is totally right, this is a completely different issues. I’m not going to delete the comment to clarify this is a different issue from BroadPwn.

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      Uhm, are you sure about that? The broadpwn writeup doesn’t sound anything like this bug, doesn’t mention any of the same functions, etc.


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        Hmmm I’m not.

        It was patched in the same release, found about the same time, and effected the same BroadCom chipset. Let me double check.


        @tedu, you are totally right! Sorry about that.. I’ll correct my original comment. Thank you for correcting me.