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      Putting language-specific package managers under the same umbrella as the archetypical Linux ones will result in either achieving a better understanding between them or a lot of petty drama.

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      Pip pip! Time to get rev our coding engines to a high RPM! We’ll be sure to have a lot of snacks (yum!) to keep our spirits up. Of course, we’ll be apt to get some people who nix our great ideas, but I’m sure that’s just because of a desire to avoid cargo-cult programming.

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        This seems like a tangled ball of yarn from the go get. It’s possible there will be some gems, but that’s assuming that nobody placed a hex on the conference. Regardless, I’m sure there will be a cabal of mavens in attendance ready to talk about their stack.

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          Take it easy everyone. Go brew some coffee and watch some asdf videos.

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            Nah, me and the Guix were hungry–and not for drinks or something chocolately–so we rock-paper-scissor’d, but I threw papers in luarocks so this little coding cabal’ll be getting some spago at the place with the foreign name, Leiningen’s.

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        Or let’s just play some pac-man.

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      I submitted a talk, let’s see if I get in!

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        Now that I think about it, if I don’t get in, I may just release the video on my talks page regardless.

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          I respect this attitude and think more people should do this. Or we could start RejectCon where you need to certify that your talk was rejected before you’re allowed consideration.

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      Trying to submit a proposal ends up with an HTTP 500 error for me.