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      I’ve never seen a more convincing argument for Gemini than the linked site ;-P

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      Wow. There’s a 20MB Javascript bundle that implements an ARM + GPU Firmware Microsequence emulator to simulate the exploit in browser.

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      Explaining ROP and demoing as part of a reveal.js presentation. Wow. Kudos! Amazing research, most excellent presentation!

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      I have never been more irritated by the design of a website. Whilst I am sure this exploit would have been cool to read about, it’s a hard pass from me.

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        This looks like the slides for someone’s conference talk, I don’t think it’s intended to be a readable article per-se.

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        Reveal.js probably isn’t the most intuitive to use, but you can hit Space to go to the proper next slide instead of manually going down & right.

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          How do you do that on mobile?

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      I would love to see this talk if anyone has a recording!

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        It’s a live stream with those avatar things.

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          Vtubing is a fascinating development that I personally have no appetite for. I’m glad people can represent themselves however they like, though.

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            I’ve watched enough YouTube videos in all sorts of styles that I don’t mind that part. I do find the voice hard to listen to for prolonged periods though.

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              It is mostly the voice for me, as well.

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            I find it interesting as well, if I organize a conference, I would prefer the speaker to show their face, not that Japanese cartoon doll, maybe is a generational thing, but I have hard time taking anyone in a formal academic setting seriously, with such an avatar 😅. That said, the person behind that thing, is pretty smart.

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          Oh wow, I didn’t know you could link to interdimensional YouTube from regular internet.

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        there’s a link to the video on there but the video is almost 4 hours long.

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      This is awesome. Congrats.