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    This idea may solve a real painpoint for me. I remember when I gave up on spam and finally moved everything to the darkside (google). The gmail client sure is nice.

    Something I could put in a docker instance and run on my VPS would be nice.

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      You know, I hadn’t considered Docker to do this – I was sad that looked so ubuntu specific (inasmuch as these are not chef/ansible/puppet/whatever scripts), and thought about porting it to arch (because I shouldn’t have to make rational decisions when it comes to my personal webserver. :) ), but a docker instance really makes for the best of both worlds.

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        Another issue I have: I have separate email systems for a bunch of different domains. I host all the domains on one server, and I like keeping all their email separate. But the though of setting up SMPT for all of them kills me.

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      I like the idea but to what degree does this solve the problem in reality? I don’t actually know the answer to that. I think it’s been made pretty clear that if someone like the NSA targets you, there is nothing you can do about it. But does this actually make it harder for someone like the NSA to read your mail?

      Security aside though: I think it’s awesome to have a full featured mail setup with ‘one-click’ installation.

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        I think that’s the wrong threat model. What this would protect against would be dragnet data collection - the NSA burnt some exploits breaking into gmail to target Larry SecretLeaker, so they’re damn well going to siphon off everything else they can grab while they’re in.

        This appeals to me because the threat model I worry most about is bulk theft - I’m just not interesting enough to warrant someone targeting me.

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        My first thought was also a Docker image for this. It seems like a perfect combination.

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          The scripts are quite readable, I will probably end up using them as a reference.