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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’m putting in my 2 weeks notice today so I can go off and do my own thing! So I would guess this week will be kicking off the wrap up process, answering questions, and documenting things.

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      Good luck. Whats the next for you?

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        I’m building a tool to help observe and understand event based systems. I’ve needed it at every single job I’ve ever had and have been frustrated that tooling to scale event pipelines and event data gets so much attention but no one puts effort into tooling to understand the data. I’ve put alot of thought into it over the last few years and think I can hide most of the mechanics to just give direct insight. Ideally it should be clear enough that you don’t have to be technical at all to view the data and understand what’s happening.

        There wasn’t a way for me to build it when working at a company because event systems were how things were implemented, but the business problem we were solving was totally separate so I could never get time to dedicate to attacking the problem. I’m now taking the time to try to actually solve it.

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      Nothing at all

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        I just got myself a Ubiquiti router and a couple of access points to replace my 10 year old Netgear router/switch/AP combo unit. It looks like it’ll be easy to set up, but I’m sure I can mess it up bad enough to spend all week on it :)

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          Best investment I did in a long time. It has its own quirks and stuff but once set up it works amazingly well.

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            Glad to hear :) - If it goes well I might replace my crappy backdoored AliExpress IP cameras with Ubiquiti gear too.

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          Back to work after the holidays and having a hell of a time to find motivation to work on any of the things that are pending.

          personal project: replacing openvpn with wireguard as my VPN solution and consolidating 2 servers I currently run into one.

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            I recently built a simple compiler in rust. I’m documenting what I did, and plan to release this resource as a book.

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              Working on the first MVP of a work project and restoring an old iPod, assuming it gets delivered on time!

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                Do you plan to upgrade the iPod with a HDD/SDD mod?

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                  I got a used Mini which is the simplest iPod to modify, it’s just a Compact Flash card.

                  Also it’s the coolest iPod ever, so that’s an easy 10x cool factor boost :-)

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                    Neat! I remember the first time I discovered a modded iPod with HDD, transparent covers and Rockbox. I was in awe.

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                Continue working on Python intro book. Going slower than expected, so revised timeline is end of this month instead of mid-Jan.

                Half-way through Zeroth Law book by Guerric Haché. Decent so far, second half will determine if I’ll continue with the series or not. Recently started watching “Gravity falls” series - okayish so far, but heard it gets better.

                Did a 100 minute walk (about 8km) yesterday, with a 5 min break in the middle. Had planned for 10+ km, but was starting to feel tired at midway point. Still, happy to have made 40+ minute walks as a habit recently (had to miss a couple in between, hoping to do it once every weekend).

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                  • Back to job applications
                  • The minimal bookmark manager in Raku turned in a mini-study on CLI arguments and maybe if I manage to pull it out a module in Raku.
                  • Get used to neuron and create a habit to use it.
                  • Daily piano session and a bit of music theory study.
                  • Waiting on my oklb preonic to come home.
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                    Getting back in the swing of things at work, haven’t forgotten everything but it’s taking some effort to load things back from cold storage into something resembling a local cache.

                    Recumbent bike was purchased and collected at the weekend, now the hard work to form a habit using it starts. Two days done so far, don’t entirely hate it. Discovered Apple TV+ has Peanuts shorts on it, halfway through Snoopy in Space now.

                    Homelab is getting somewhere, at least inside the VM on my machine it’s all deployed into atm. Need to sort out the fundamental communication betwixt services (I have consul in the mix, but have entirely failed to lean on it for easy service discovery thus far 😬.) Once that’s in place, and something else is added for centralised logging then it’ll be time to start building the actual homelab out for realsies. Thinking of reaching for Ansible to deploy the discrete services, although I’ll probably end up with just bash scripts. Working is better than perfect, right? 😂

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                      going on lockdown again while working on “little webby press” which is my epub+site generator as a client-side webapp.

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                        Integrating Twitch social login on our platform. They have amazing dev support on Discord. Very impressive.

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                          Preparing for my final semester of my MSc in Mechatronics and Automation, so getting myself upto speed with linear algebra and matrices.

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                            Learn more on Theory of Computation and Computational Logic. Also planning on learning more on Testing, especially in Golang

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                              Back to “real” work, but also still wrapping up plumbing and wiring from the previous weeks, in between that.

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                                Waiting for mortgage refinance to go through.

                                More performance reviews. Two coworkers are up for promotion, so I’m obligated to be less lazy about it.

                                Restarted emails with a few future guests of my podcast. For the first time, I’m speaking to a professor of distributed systems, I’m excited for that.

                                I also learnt that the author of the NYT opinion piece on Unionization at Google (and the chair of the Alphabet Union) is someone I knew in high school. I told a bunch of my friends but no one cared.