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    I’ve never worked in academia, so I don’t know if this is normal. But that strikes me as asking for a lot of qualifications, in return for not a lot of money.

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      Article is now 404’ing! :(

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        https://www.cwi.nl/jobs/vacancies/864553 This seems to be the correct url.

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        So they’re looking to replace BSD/POSIX socket API with something else. Outright this sounds bad because it would mean all software need to be patched afterwards.

        There’s more on Reo coordination language. Then there’s the api.

        It looks like interesting and I’ll perhaps read more into this later. It actually kind of looks like it’d make sense.

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          A compatibility layer for applications using the socket API can use connectors underneath. But then the application cannot use the benefits of connectors, such as connecting with multiple peers and gathering session information.