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    So jcs wrote his own threading library, version control, spam filter, vt100 terminal client, and screensaver… so that he could complete his original goal of running a bbs on an old Mac.

    Truly masterful yak shaving. 🙂

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      This is wonderful. I envy the dedication to long term projects like this.

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        I do too, but I can’t ignore the “too much free time” thoughts either. 🤣

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          jcs runs his own business in a manner that lets him hack on OpenBSD and whatever other projects he wants to whenever he wants. This should be applauded and emulated, not dismissed with a capitalistic “too much free time” handwave.

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            Wow, I felt a good dose of self righteousness here, and you also managed to veer the conversation toward whatever ideology you identify with ; which is amazing.

            I know who is jcs, what he stands for, and I’m both a fan and a very happy customer. Still, “too much free time 🤣” is a valid comment about this feat.

            I apologize if my comment(s) rubbed you the wrong way. I’ll refrain from further comments as it’s way off-topic. Feel free to educate me about capitalism in private messages. Have a nice day.