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I’d like to try setting up the lobste.rs codebase for my own forum. The only info I’ve found about doing that so far is the README on the lobste.rs github, and a tiny bit of info here: https://lobste.rs/s/svclaz/any_sites_running_lobste_rs_code_base

Does anyone know anything else?


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    When I started screwing around with it, sphinx was having trouble building (no idea why). So, I just left the whole thing out and removed the search option.

    Also, you may want to disable messages depending on your site users–just comment out some routes and patchup the partial (I think it was a partial) so that the navbar doesn’t mention it.

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      I did it recently at https://aesi.news, a few more notes here: https://lobste.rs/s/g482jr/imagining_a_world_without_growth/comments/mgj03b#c_mgj03b

      Stuff that’s not completely obvious or documented (I never got around to updating the readme and doing a pull request, perhaps you could help with that?)

      If you’re using Ubuntu, I’d recommend ruby 2.1.0 > . I was using an older version and it had some problems with a library the lobste.rs codebase uses. I couldn’t fix it, but the problems went away when I upgraded.

      In your initializer/production.rb file, to config twitter add:

      Twitter.CONSUMER_KEY = "foo"
      Twitter.CONSUMER_SECRET = "bar"
      Twitter.AUTH_TOKEN = "baz"
      Twitter.AUTH_SECRET = "boing"

      You configure your email settings for outbound mail in production/email.rb

      The sphinx search is this: http://sphinxsearch.com/docs/current.html#installation . You don’t have to manually start the sphinx service, the rake ts:start will do that for you.

      Add new tags by INSERT'ing directly into the tags table. E.g.:

      INSERT INTO TAGS (tag) VALUES ('catpics');

      And look at the link above re. cron jobs for sending emails and twitter updates.

      Here’s my go-to favicon generator, replace the favicon ASAP to avoid tab-icon annoyance if you use both lobsters and your site: http://www.favicon-generator.org/

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        For the record, TAGS has to be lowercase (at least for me):

        INSERT INTO tags (tag) VALUES ('catpics');
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          Thanks a lot james. I’m sure that will be very helpful when I come to setting up my installation.