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    I very strongly agree the central message of this article. I tend to be quite loud about this (and usually refer to it as “snobbery” rather than “tech bashing,” but they look similar to me). The advice the article gives is good, but I’m partial to a more concrete suggestion: try to limit discussion to trade offs. Requirements or personal preference often dictate which trade offs we choose, and that’s OK. (Alternatively, discuss the trade offs that work for you descriptively instead of prescriptively.)

    The section in the article directed to the “learners” is crucial. I even have some anecdotal evidence in the form of private messages (from some other web site) to support the claim that this “tech bashing” really is hurting people:

    I’ve been programming for about a year, maybe more, off and on with Python and Racket and it seems like a few months ago I fell into the trap of really buying into some of the kool-aid offered by some of the hyper enthusiasts in the functional realm of languages.

    And bad things happened: I didn’t push through the coursera Scala course because, of course, it wasn’t functional enough according to those guys; even though Go has cool things about it, it’s unsophisticated or bad because it’s not Haskell; I even closed my Python interpreter a few times because I felt bad that I wasn’t using ‘a better language’. And of course, Haskell is a bit hard to jump into, so I’m an incredible novice and have gotten little actual programming done this whole time.

    I saw some annoying posts by this burntsushi guy who seemed really bent on making the point that there’s no best programming language, that languages are all about trade offs, and other things like different people enjoy different programming languages, and other such banter. And he’s totally right. And I feel kind of stupid for forgetting that, because a few months before I might have said the same things.

    This particular example calls out the functional people, but it goes both ways in my experience.

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      Important message. The title left me wondering what tech bashing was - I assumed it meant a general antipathy towards all technology, but the author actually means hostility from programmers towards languages and tools they consider inferior. Anyway, I agree with the thesis and it’s well written.