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    It seems a bit silly to set up a static file tree just for one well-known entry. You can also do something like this straight from the nginx config:

    location /.well-known/matrix {
      default_type application/json;
      return 200 "{ \"m.server\": \"matrix.dangerousdemos.net:443\" }";
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      The path should be /.well-known/matrix/server, just in case anybody tries to use this.

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        Ah, right. My bad!

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        Huh, I didn’t know nginx could be configured to directly return text. Maybe the Matrix person who made the video didn’t know that either.

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          cute :) i didn’t know!

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            Could be. I just realised it’s also possible they didn’t want to complicate the instructions because the default config they tell you to copy already includes support for hosting files.