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      i wonder how many people with 8-bit nostalgia are nostalgic for their specific 8-bit machine, rather than that era of microcomputers in general. for instance if this were based on the BBC i would have been keenly interested, but i can’t really bring myself to summon up much enthusiasm for an old computer i never used.

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        I get what you mean but I think that the main appeal of the Commander X16 will be that it should be easily available. Also anyone interested in “close to the metal” programming might be interested in this and could prefer it over a 40 years old machine which they’ve never heard of.

        As an aside, in case you didn’t know about it (and because you’re interested in the BBC Micro which shares the country of origin), the ZX Spectrum Next is already available: https://www.specnext.com/about/

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        it’s a little disappointing that a brand new article about a few videos from two years ago has no info that wasn’t in those videos. I can’t tell if the project has stalled out, or if it’s just been suffocating in their obsession with secrecy.