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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      We have a national holiday this weekend in the U.S., so I’m going on a trip with my SO to visit my approximately 4,097 in-laws at a family holiday event. I grew up in a home with just one sibling. Large families are a completely different kind of experience than I’m used to. It usually takes a bit for me to “change gears”, but I’ve never failed to have an enjoyable time once I get in the right frame of mind.

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      Honestly, I don’t know anymore…

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      Setting up an ultra-minimal alpine VM for a resource-constrained environment. Generating and customizing the image won’t be much of an issue, but minimizing all the runtimes for the executables I’ll be running will be tricky.

      One of the apps is Java, so I will try and use https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/14/docs/specs/man/jlink.html to generate a custom JVM runtime with only the modules I need. This should give a significant reduction in size.

      For the C++ part, I’ll see if I can create a custom Meson target that uses Zigs drop-in C/++ compiler to churn out a fully static executable.

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        I’ve used jlink from Clojure, it was tricky to get working but cut my installed size in half.

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      Making a lobste.rs clone in python3+django3. Why: I don’t know ruby enough to use the existing code and I want to do some different functionality anyway: I want to add sections of topics to allow more variety than just for example computing by implementing “circles”: user-defined buckets of tags grouped together and also the ability to see tags with specific distance to your circle if you want, so that you can have discovery of new tags. The general topic of the community would be curiosity in general, whether that is computing, biology, solarpunk, music, typography, philately.

      Screenshots and a quick webm video demo here.

      I made a channel on libera chat if you want to join: #sic

      EDIT: Forgot the most important part of my weekend, I’m moving. I recommend SweetHome3D if you want to try the layout of your new apartment with your furniture before you move in to save the hassle of rearranging furniture in situ. I’ve done it twice now and it has saved my post-moving exhausted self from pushing sofas around

      Here’s the 3d model of my new apartment exported from SweetHome3D to HTML5+webgl https://nessuent.xyz/schlemann/

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      Last weekend I can make it to the sailing club for a few weeks, so spending most of it at the club. The router keeps cutting out so need to figure out what it does and source a replacement for it. Eldest has youth squad on Saturday, and I’ve got two boat trailers with flat tyres that need repairing so will do that whilst she sails. Then racing on Sunday for me.

      Also need to attack the garden with the mower again, feels like it’s regrown really quickly but in reality it’s been almost a month since I last mowed so it’s growing realistically. Pity you can’t pause plants when you’re not at home - mine would grow at about half speed I suspect.

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        Scratch all that, woke up to the kitchen roof leaking so instead the weekend is now going to be fixing that. And then whilst picking up repair supplies the car has developed a rattle at the rear going over bumps, so that’s unsafe for driving anywhere now until I’ve had it up in the air to check what the rattle is.

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      I’m gonna be playing with Android development. Gonna experiment with making an Android app for a self-made service that I use every day.

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        Have fun and welcome to the hell of Android development :).

        Some pro tips:

        • You’re better off reading the latest docs from Google, not some outdated tutorial that absolutely will break under the latest SDK (it happens way too often)
        • Get familiar with the Gradle build system
        • Look into https://developer.android.com/jetpack once you get familiar with the SDK. It simplifies a lot of things.
        • Use Kotlin instead of Java, the overhead is minimal (Kotlin runtime adds ~1MB to the apk size)
        • If you want to look something up, do it on Github instead of Google, you’ll get much higher quality results
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          I’ve been looking into using Flutter because I don’t have to piss around with XML to make UIs that way.

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            There is also Jetpack Compose if you want something native-to-Android but it’s… kinda finicky.

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            Good choice! I haven’t done much Flutter development (not very keen on Dart), but last time I tried it, it was very easy to set up and use.

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      I’m planning to start a little side business, first thing will be to write a little online shop. I decided to go with haskell + scotty. I know that correct business decision will be to use some existing shop solution, but to keep me interested in this project i need to write it by myself :D

      Also I need to finally finish setup of my self hosted email server + decide on cli client for this and customize it. Recent email threads motivated me to do this.

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        Out of curiosity, may I ask what the business is?

        Also, what are you using for email? I’ve self-hosted email for a couple years now and IMO it’s a great move.

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          I plan to start a little shop with custom mechanical keyboards, but its far from done :D

          When it comes to email - postfix

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      Partner has moved in… now we need to find space for all his stuff, start unpacking, and weed out duplicates. (Of which there are many… he has a habit of upgrading to new tech and then never getting rid of the old stuff, so we have at least three PC’s, three TV’s and two complete sound systems to do something with.)

      In between that, I want to keep working on my toy OS with silly design decisions: uses no virtual memory, targets RISC-V exclusively (via qemu) and intends to be deliberately less functional and more retro than anything in the Unix/VMS lineage. It’s tons of fun and I am thoroughly hooked, but I have a self-imposed deadline to go back to more important things at the end of the weekend, so I want to get userland processes and system calls working properly and generally get things wrapped up to a nice stopping point.

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      One or two of these threads ago, I mentioned I was learning Rust while writing an interpreter. The result of that is a (hacky) partial port of Ink — it’s called Quill.

      This weekend, I’m writing my own interpreter using alecthomas/participle (a parser library for Go). Designing a programming language is lots of fun, confusing, and rewarding, all in one.

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      Saturday evening, I’m singing and playing keyboard in my first paid gig in a new band. I’ll be doing a lot of practicing during the day.

      For US Independence Day, I’ll be spending Sunday evening at a big extended family get-together. No plans during the day yet.

      P.S. Also going to see if I can make some progress on my new open-source GUI accessibility abstraction, AccessKit. Not much to see there yet.

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      I’m going to finally finish my new keyboards configuration.

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        that Sofle V2 looks great!

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          Thanks. It was more when than expected in the end. Flashing a keyboard with standard parts is simple but mine has one side with the default controller and one with an alternative (USB C) one which suddenly makes things complicated.

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      On saturday my parents in-law are coming over all day. On sunday I’m getting vaccinated, I have to drive my girlfriend somewhere and I have to go to my father-in-laws birthday. Also have to do some work on sunday. I also have to buy new clothes and shoes but there’s no time left for this so I’ll just walk on my torn shoes for another week.

      I feel a bit like my life is just working on todo lists written by other people.

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      Mostly hanging out with family, but I’m also planning on writing at least one blog post (checked that one off the list), hacking at my side project, and maaaaaybe starting to learn TLA+.

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      I’m finishing the side project I started last weekend. It’s public now, though: https://github.com/soatok/cupcake

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      My weekends have come down to spending time on LeetCode, because reasons.

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      Gonna dig back into my terminal RSS reader hemingway after seeing that it’s gotten some traction lately. Should be fun to do some non work programming!

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      I’m at a competition law/antitrust conference where I presented a paper (link) which proposes to let consumers choose which advertising network they would like to use with digital platforms (i.e. it proposes interoperability between online platforms and how the platform is monetized).

      Such regulation would also allow consumers to use one ad network across all digital platforms online, which I think would be a huge win for privacy. It would also inject competition into digital markets, which should spur innovation and lead to lower prices in adjacent markets. If anybody has feedback, I’m interested :)

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      Swimming in the ocean, reading, creating music and spending time with family. Maybe some hobby/open source programming or an hour of two playing the game of Go.

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      Working on a blog post on how I model character desire and intent in my procedural cartoon generator. This of course comes with the requisite yak shaving on the blog itself.

      I’ll post it here if I can figure out the right tags for it…just the “programming” tag seems lame because it’s so generic and we don’t have anything like a “modeling” tag. Maybe “math” since it’s basically a self contained logic? I dunno, maybe it’s off topic.

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      We finally have a gas grill for our back porch so that means a BBQ with friends! (We’re all fully vaccinated.)

      I also released the first episode for my visual novel: https://www.anthrotari.com/purchase.

      That and perhaps resume work on my posting-only, feed-less app for ActivityPub.

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      Visiting my parents this weekend. I haven’t been around for a couple of months and being the nerd that I am, I’ve discovered the Internet speeds have fallen from 95+ mbit/s to only around 50 mbit/s, so I’ve got some troubleshooting to do.

      Also, I dug out my old 13” MacBook Pro (2015 model) and I’ve just installed a fresh Big Sur instance on it to see if this is still a usable machine in 2021. Fun times ahead.

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      Holiday weekend, hopefully won’t get called into work and won’t be in the PC at all during this long weekend.

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      More work on my ai project littlefish. Last week I tried to improve performance by reducing memory allocations - the gains weren’t as big as I wanted (about 20% faster). Those changes added significant complexity to the program so I scrapped that work. Luckily, as a result of that work I did stumble into a small improvement in the quality of predictions.

      I’ve got a few experiments I’d like to explore this weekend that might improve the quality of the pattern detection. I’m trying to keep the user experience as simple as possible: you put in some numbers and you quickly get quality numbers out.