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      People should be aware that alternate clients are disallowed by the Discord terms of service, and people have been banned from Discord for using them. One person banned was the author of Cordless, as detailed at https://github.com/Bios-Marcel/cordless

      I don’t think Slack has a problem with it, this is just for Discord.

      I entirely support people who decide to knowingly break the rules. Discord’s policy impinges on a really important freedom. I just wanted to make sure people are aware, so they can be deliberate about the risks they take.

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        People should be aware that alternate clients are disallowed by the Discord terms of service

        That’s a pretty solid reason to stay well away from Discord, IMO.

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        People should be aware that alternate clients are disallowed by the Discord terms of service

        As far as I know, they’re not disallowed in writing. The thing that is disallowed is doing things with the API that Discord’s client wouldn’t do.

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          I don’t think the text has changed, and the text disallows all “self bots”, anything that isn’t an official client authenticating with a official client’s login token.

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      This project hasn’t been updated in over a year, so its free one year of upgrades feels a bit disengenuous.

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        Ripcord is in alpha, and the shareware trial period is set to unlimited.


        The alpha/beta development preview phase does not count against the year of free upgrades that comes with a new license. If you a buy license now, the year of free upgrades is extended by the remaining length of the alpha/beta preview phase.

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      I liked Ripcord, but the author hasn’t released anything in over a year, and there’s little to no communication about the project on the website. I wouldn’t recommend it, at least, I wouldn’t recommend paying for it, yet. 😞

      For MacOS, Accord is another alternative client for Discord, built with Swift, and where the source code is available.

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      I wish source code was available without buying a license first, but I understand the shareware model maybe doesn’t fit well in the FOSS ecosystem.

      Great project though, I’m giving this a try again.

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      I’ve been a happy ripcord user for months, I highly recommend!

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      There is apparently a Mac contender: https://shrugs.app/

      Though it seems pretty crap in comparison to RC.

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        Ripcord is built for macOS too.

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          Not a native Mac app; you’d lose a lot of native features. Qt is better than Electron, but not by much.

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            Which macOS features are unavailable when using Qt?

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              Oh, you can integrate the features - it just takes a lot of work to do so, moreso than a native app. What’s more annoying is all the annoying subtleties, everything from editing controls to menu bar behaviour.

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      if only they could flip a switch and give us apple silicon native builds >_>