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I had an iPhone and went to get the new one when it was released in-person and they didn’t have one so I replaced my 5s with a Windows Phone 950 and love it. I know, I know I’m part of the less-than 1%ers but still… can I use this anymore? I’ve never tried and want to know in light of what happen to Pebble.


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    In a nutshell, sort-of, assuming you can clear the initial setup hurdle.

    If you have access to an iPhone that can be used for the initial setup/activation and app installation, it’ll work just fine without being permanently connected to a iPhone. You won’t be able to install new apps or update your watch, but perhaps you can do those periodically by visiting the person who helped you with the initial setup. Of course, if you still have your 5S you could use it for that purpose, but keeping a phone around just to configure your watch seems a little excessive!

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      It depends on what you want to do with the Apple Watch. Since it doesn’t have GPS or cell service, the apps that it can usefully run without an iPhone nearby is going to be pretty limited. For what I use it for – messaging, running, calendar, current time – the time and maybe the calendar would work, as long as I synced my calendar once a day (though I often get meeting updates during the day, so I’m not sure I could rely on a once-a-day calendar sync to be useful).