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      many webservers route stubbed URLS to a page if there is only one match - does anyone know what this is called, why people may chose not to enable it, or how common it is?

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        I would call it shortest unique prefix match or whatever. I wouldn’t call this a web server feature, it’s an aspect of whatever framework is in use.

        Depends on what part of the URL you decide is your database key. On twitter, you can change the username in the middle of a URL, but if the number at the end is the same, you get the same tweet. So there it’s more like suffix.

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        Fixed, thanks.

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        The title of the original article (not the lobsters submission) is really overblown:

        Move over Raspberry Pi, here is a $4, coin-sized, open-source Linux computer

        Did they forget about the Raspberry Pi Zero, which is $5 USD, announced a year ago? https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-zero/

        The RPi Zero also has better specs (of course, specs aren’t everything–especially if you’re using it for an embedded application where size is totally a design concern).

        Power draw is comparable to an RPi Zero as well:

        VoCore2 have a power consumption of 74mA at standby, and 230mA at full speed.

        RPi Zero: 100mA idle. 140mA while loading LXDE (source).

        It still looks like a fun little device, and if space is a premium in your design, this is great!

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          !$4, or is it just because I’m in Australia?