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    Good story, shame about the spelling mistake in the title…

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      Agreed. At first I thought it might be a British spelling (although I’d never seen it that way anywhere), but confirmed it’s just a misspelling. It was interesting to read about his “origin” story with computing, although I feel like it confirms something that I read recently about that generation of programmers trying to recreate their early experience with the way they promote modern computing to new developers. Teaching computer science on the high school level though, it’s clear that hacking away on a Sinclair is not how the next generation of developers is going to experience technology.

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        Could be from Kerry. Who knows how you even spell any of that? 🙃 Anyway, I’ve stuck to British spelling ever since moving there, and I’ve noticed I accidentally used “ou” instead of just “u” in a few cases as well.

        I started on the similar MSX (also a Z80 CPU) in the mid/late-90s; a testament how fun and useful these machines can be even when antiquated, especially for learning. When we (finally) got a Windows 98 machine I stopped programming for a few years as it was so hard to get started back then, compared to the BASIC environment that the MSX shipped with. I only picked it up again after I discovered Linux and BSD.