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Original email: http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/perpass/current/msg00183.html

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    ISPs have established channels for handling Lawful Intercept requests and thus any employee involved in an intercept request that was outside the scope of those programs would be on notice that their activities are criminal.


    Actually, I’m kind of missing the point of this document. It’s supposedly standards track, so at some point I might be expected to implement it? But none of it is “actionable”. What kind of RFC will this turn into? “Congress MUST oversee the NSA’s operations, and the NSA SHOULD use minimally intrusive monitoring, and such monitoring MUST ALWAYS be constitutional and NEVER used for personal reasons, and the citizens who vote SHOULD NOT be fooled into giving up their rights by alarmist hyperbole…”

    (Irrelevant fun fact: the author is also apparently responsible for the HTTP Referer header being spelled wrong.)