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      Well, that doesn’t sound good:

      Spectre attacks require some form of local code execution on the target system. Hence, systems where an attacker cannot run any code at all were, until now, thought to be safe. In this paper, we present NetSpectre, a generic remote Spectre variant 1 attack. For this purpose, we demonstrate the first access-driven remote Evict+Reload cache attack over network, leaking 15 bits per hour. Beyond retrofitting existing attacks to a network scenario, we also demonstrate the first Spectre attack which does not use a cache covert channel. Instead, we present a novel high-performance AVX-based covert channel that we use in our cache-free Spectre attack. We show that in particular remote Spectre attacks perform significantly better with the AVX-based covert channel, leaking 60 bits per hour from the target system. We verified that our NetSpectre attacks work in local-area networks as well as between virtual machines in the Google cloud.