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    Welcome to Third Room distributed github.com
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      I’m really interested in why this is getting downvoted. Third Room is proposing an open decentralised virtual world built on Matrix as an interoperable open standard, as a much needed alternative to the cryptocurrency/NFT-driven approaches or proprietary silos from the big players. It’s basically trying to extend Matrix’s potential as the realtime layer of the open Web to cover spatial environments too.

      What am I missing? I posted this in good faith.

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        I can’t speak for others (I didn’t flag it), but it could be the combination of the dread word “metaverse”, lingering anti-Matrix dislike, and the general vacuous “marketing look” of the page that triggered them.

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          interesting; i hadn’t realised there was lingering anti-Matrix dislike. in terms of the page coming across as marketing - it’s written by a bunch of hardcore devs (mainly Robert, who was a lead dev on mozilla hubs and altspace vr and nowadays at Element) and was intended as a manifesto for the project, whose code already exists at https://github.com/matrix-org/thirdroom (i.e. it isn’t vapourware, and is explicitly anti-NFT and anti metaverse-hype).

          In terms of metaverse having become a dirty word… well, that’s depressing. Would be ironic if stupid industry hype and FB have gone and wrecked it for everyone :(

          Eitherway, i think i understand the rationale; will steer well clear in future.

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            I apologize for complaining about the copy. it looks different from when I first glanced at it. Maybe i was just confusing it with some other site.

            I am just guessing about anti-Matrix sentiment. Please don’t take it as gospel.

            I sympathize with the desire to have free and open access to the Metaverse but I personally don’t want the Metaverse to become a thing at all :D

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              I’m kind of in the same boat; I don’t want the Metaverse to be a thing… but if it has to be, this would be the least bad way.

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                No problem. I’ve just spotted that the downvotes are +4, -1 off-topic and -3 spam. I guess spam is a catch-all for stuff which rubs people up the wrong way in this context? To be clear, this is entirely non-profit and FOSS and non-commercial (and governed by the non-profit https://matrix.org/foundation), so from a spam perspective it’s not like it’s trying to sell something.

                In terms of the metaverse not becoming a thing… i’d argue that it’s already here; whether that’s in Google Docs, or Figma, or HackMD, or minecraft, or ActivityPub or Matrix. It’s just a question on whether there should be an open standard for interoperating between them - whether that’s for multiplayer 2D, 3D, document, code content or something else.

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                  In terms of the metaverse not becoming a thing… i’d argue that it’s already here; whether that’s in Google Docs, or Figma, or HackMD, or minecraft, or ActivityPub or Matrix

                  OK, that’s one definition. For me, it’s that awful future presented by Mark Zuckerberg where we’re all having meetings with TVs strapped to our faces.

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                    I too do not want to live in a world where facebook has hijacked the word metaverse.

                    (which is what the project is about :)

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        Personally I’d feel a lot more excited about this if you could give a working demo. I’m glad to see you’re doing VRM support though. I really hate having to re-rig my avatar for every chat app.

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          so we’re in the middle of switching stack from matrix-js-sdk to hydrogen-sdk (hence https://thirdroom.io/ being a bit of a mess right now, although if you try hard enough it might work). There’s a video of the initial demo up at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e26UJRCGfGk&t=2263s however. I posted the intro post for the project today because we’re finally working on it fulltime as of this week.