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    This is written by D Richard Hipp (the main author of SQLite and the Fossil VCS). Anything he writes tends to be well thought out and well-engineered (if sometimes idiosyncratic).

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      He’s building Pikchr into Fossil, so you will be able to use diagrams in commit messages, tickets, and wiki pages, etc. It’s very new, I don’t think a Pikchr-enabled Fossil has been released yet.

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        i wish this was in my package manager

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          Agreed, that said: This started back in August of this year:

          2020-08-30 initial empty check-in (check-in: d06dd0ebe7 user: drh tags: trunk)


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          I’ve been using dot/graphviz diagrams in blog posts and books, embedded in markdown the same way, but… they never look quite right. These do.

          The flipside is that the language is more… “here is exactly what you should draw”, whereas in theory Dot is (in theory) more “here is what I want, just make it look good”. The problem is the practice doesn’t match the theory. So this may be a reasonable tradeoff.

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            That looks extremely useful.

            I wonder how difficult it would be to use excalidraw-style drawing with it.

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              It generates SVG, so it should be possible.

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