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    I need this because my brain is apparently TLD insensitive (doesn’t remember if it’s .com, .org, .net and so on).

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      TLDs (especially the more unusual ones) seem to be somewhat at odds with the idea that a url should be human readable/memorable. The fact that you can get the domain correct and still have a good chance of landing on the wrong page seems like a massive flaw in DNS.

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        massive flaw in DNS.

        Or… massive flaw in ICANN/IANA’s gTLD program?

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          That’s certainly a part of the domain name system though? An administrative part of it and not a technical part, but still

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            Sure. But the administrative part is the problem here. The creation of new TLDs, seemingly arbitrarily, has magnified the OP’s problem. DNS “works” just fine. But, unless a property is vigilant about registration of their name dot {ALL TLDs}…

            Maybe using search, instead of the search address bar, isn’t the most annoying thing…

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      I love this sort of thing. Well done!

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        Clever. Works well combined with GreenTunnel to bypass local DPI stupidity.