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    That’s quite cool to go from 1.5s to 5ms, but a 7.6MB “hello world” still seems… far too big. I wonder how big the equivalent kotlin native program would be.

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      Disk space isn’t really a limiting factor in most situations nowadays though.

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      Could someone explain to me why/how Oracle is making this ridiculously magical thing, GraalVM, licensed under GPL? As in, where/how do they expect to profit/swindle the community later?

      (Disclosure: I am biased against Oracle since SCO, Java API “copyright”, etc.)

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        There are two versions of GraalVM, community edition (CE) and enterprise edition (EE). Some features of Graal are restricted to EE, for example Profile Guided Optimizations and heap dumps for native-image. You can get a lot out of CE, but it is likely that Oracle will continue to keep the most advanced optimisations and operability features for EE to encourage some people to upgrade.

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          It looks like they have a commercial version of GraalVM that supports things that aren’t available in the open source version. I’m definitely biased against Oracle as well based on their track record, but so far they haven’t done anything nefarious here.