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    I use Cisco WebEx Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) at work so I’ve been able to see the disaster first hand. The entire chat service was hard down for the first 24 hours with no ETA of resolution. When the service did come back up it still had small outages during business hours all week. Chatroom history is slowly being restored and many chatrooms are entirely glitched, unable to receive new messages or display old ones. Can you imagine the internet meltdown that would happen if Slack had this kind of outage? I feel bad for the ops employee: not only did they kill all the servers but they’ve almost certainly killed the business prospects of this giant, corporate, multi-year program with hundreds of contributors.

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      OPS employee? I bet it was a developer.

      edit: I’ve seen the other side of this corporate curtain

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      I feel like there’s a lesson in here about infrastructure as code and that this team may not have had it. I realized that such new technology may be a luxury afforded only two shops that are sufficiently agile and unencumbered by old business practices as to engage with significant time-saving technologies.