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      I think Lea said it very well. Not really interested in hearing you whining about being mistreated after the credible accusations of sexual assault and harassment. Flag as off-topic because this isn’t technical, and it’s not “culture” either, it’s just you @nadim

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        Hi Max,

        I received an email a few minutes ago notifying me that you had tagged me in this comment.

        I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I see that you’re one of Matt Green’s PhD students and are thus active in the field, and I wanted to respond to your comment which appears to imply that I deserve the treatment described in my post because I have, according to you, likely committed serious crimes which people have accused me of on Twitter.

        I have two things to say:

        1. I understand that you think that my blog post is “whining”. I would disagree. I think that, as an aspiring academic, you should recognize that using someone’s work and soliciting for their feedback over a period of an entire week, in over a hundred messages and in two conference calls, while promising them citations that fail to materialize, isn’t exactly something I would describe as whining; it’s actually calling out plagiarism. And pointing out plagiarists does seem to be in the community interest, especially when they (or their students) resort to ad-hominem attacks in response to the calls for proper citation. Your own thesis advisor, Matt Green, is a co-author with Lea Kissner on the Zoom paper, and so I would also wonder whether there is a conflict of interest materializing when one of his students appears to further insinuate that I have committed crimes when I point out the act of plagiarism and supplement it with evidence. If what you’re saying here is that some people deserve to be plagiarized because of Twitter rumors about them, well, that’s not something I can really come to grips with.

        2. If you are interested in what I have to say regarding the tweets that you’re referring to, I wrote a detailed response here that you can read if you wish. In that response, I address the tweets in detail.

        I don’t mind you flagging the post or not wanting to read it, but I would appreciate it if you could please consider the points I make above and try to understand why they could make your comment appear unkind at best. Thank you for reading, and all the best to you.