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    FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME especially the Amiga version!

    So much deliciously quirky humor and creativity spilling out of every nook and cranny of this game.

    I played SO many hours of this - really never understood why it kinda fizzled out - IMO I’d love to see modern Lemmings versions for every platform.

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      I would hate to think that Lemmings 3D on the PlayStation was the series’ last gasp, although that was post-Sony Psygnosis and I don’t think DMA was involved directly with it.

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        Yeah the whole “Lemmings 3D Franchise was not amazing and honestly only very tanentially in the spirit of the original.

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        Well, it is not a Flash or HTML5 game relying on a server, DosBox (or Qemu with FreeDOS and full-VM checkpoints…) runs on almost every platform by now.

        As for a modern version… Maybe someone could at least save what is out there and relatively easy to save. By that I mean take over Pingus.

        Pingus is written using SDL1, seems to be buildable for X11, Windows and macOS. You could try to collect all the levels that are lying around the net and convert them to the latest format. I think xskat.de collection mentioned on Wikipedia can be converted by the scripts inside the 0.7.6 source distribution, but I haven’t tried.

        I guess to gather attenation for any actual development, one would need to make a Pingus-revived release with fresh binaries of the latest source release for 64-bit desktop platforms, and all the levels available (should be a couple hundreds). That part should be a couple of weekends (and not full-time on these weekends) or something like that after there is someone willing and able to build on Windows and someone willing willing and able to build on macOS. I know the build on 64-bit Linux/GNU/X11 is easy, and I have just checked that the game runs as built from Nixpkgs.

        I have no idea how much (or how little? — one can hope…) pain would be to port Pingus to SDL2, though. With SDL2, Wayland support should happen almost for free (Arch Wiki thinks SDL2 runs in Wayland with no changes after setting a single environment variable). Android + SDL2 is advertised as feasible, but that might be a lot of additional work even after SDL2 version works.

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          If you’ve never tried it I highly recommend the Amiga version. Psygnosis were Amiga fanatics and it really shows.

          The DOS version was a port. A good port given the limited platform, but a port nonetheless.

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            The Mac version is a pretty faithful port of the Amiga version as well.

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