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    This is likely the last CPU Architecture to be added to mainline Linux.


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      it’s a statement made by Linus Torvalds referring to how, since RISC-V is very open, then it’s likely everyone will prefer using it instead of making their own thing.

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          A world in which we can’t keep reinventing the wheel would be a sad one indeed.

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            Nothing is stopping you reinventing any wheels here.

            This is just a statement about the economics of designing and taping out your own new CPU architecture, producing documentation, compilers, and all OS and tooling support…does doing this help you widen your moat?

            Seems the current mix of ARM/MIPS/RISC-V quality and licensing options makes doing all the above a needless resource sink and distraction for companies of all shapes and sizes.

            For those hobbyists still wanting to dabble in this, fortunately in recent years, FPGA kit has come to a price point that is within reach of most of our wallets.

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          You got this dead on! Theres several reasons but the main one is that its just not worth creating a new ISA for every application, ARM and RISC-V can cover the majority of applications.

          C-SKY was partially created because the Chinese wanted their own Architecture.