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    s3core looks nice. I used Deutsch-Schorr-Waite GC for NewtonScript too — never runs out of memory, fits in a page or so of code. I still remember the day I implemented it directly from the paper and it pretty much just worked from then on. Nowadays you would get way fancier for performance, but for simplicity it’s hard to beat.

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      I love Nils’s work. Good to know he’s still at it. Has anyone worked through the scheme 9 from empty space book? Can you recommend it to someone who has worked through (most of) SICP?

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        From my memory of it, the Scheme 9 From Empty Space book is more about implementing a scheme.

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          Yes, so my hope is that it goes into the nitty-gritty that was left out of SICP: hygienic macros, call/cc, threads.. I’m guessing it has to be the case since s9 does R4RS.

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            Answering myself, for posterity: This is what the book is about (from http://www.t3x.org/s9book/index.html)

                How does automatic memory management work?
                How is macro expansion implemented?
                How does lexical scoping work?
                How is arbitrary precision arithmetics implemented?
                How does tail call elimination work?
                How are first-class continuations implemented?