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      Hmmm… maybe it’s time to suggest a font tag…

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      I would really like to see it in action on an air traffic control screen, but I suppose that’s probably not something for public consumption.

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      Still poorly distinguishable ‘o’ and zero. Just shows how committees can be wrong about things.

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        I’m more annoyed by the almost-square parentheses.

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        This matters a fair amount in the terminal where the context is often insufficient to differentiate between a number and a letter, but does it matter as much in a dashboard where the context is probably much stronger? I think a pilot won’t wonder too often if the plane is going 6OO mph or 600 mph.

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          Idk if radio callsigns or transponder signals use 0/O in ways that can be conflated, but it seems an obvious confusion that could be removed. The NATO phonetic alphabet distinguishes ZEERO from OSCAR pretty clearly, after all.

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      I’ve packaged b612 for Nixpkgs here: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/54431/files

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      https://github.com/caius/homebrew-cask-b612 if anyone wants it via Homebrew. (I installed it, tried it in my text editor and reverted back to Liberation Mono. Not enough definition there to replace Liberation for me!)