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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      I caught the bug to start tinkering on a toy project with higher intensity, where this toy project is an extremely minimal instruction set architecture implementation in Logisim. The architecture is based around a modified form of the classical Von Neumann architecture with an 8-bit instruction set. The most recent chunk of work involved re-working the existing immediate load instructions. I hope to continue to elaborate features within the assembler, and perhaps support a debugger implementation of sorts to make the thing easier to work with for educational purposes. The repository is hosted on github if anyone is curious: https://github.com/bannatech/tisc

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      Writing some Emacs Lisp code to generate a simple static Gemini capsule (with Gemlog, Atom feed, etc.) having shut down my LinkedIn account, replaced my old website with a professional resume, and decided to move to Gemini for my personal content.

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      I had been planning on continuing to work on my space themed browser game, up until my spare time became booked by a client needing a quick job done.

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      Attending https://srccon.org/.

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      I finally happened on a good deal on a short-depth rackmount NAS case. Now I need to decide what I’m going to fill it with. I want it to be quiet and not consume a whole bunch of power, but if I’m going to spend money on this I would really like this to be pretty much my end game NAS, so I want 10 Gb eth, ECC RAM, and probably some sort of remote management. So I’m probably going to spend the week waffling between the two extremes of getting an ASRock Rack mobo & 5th Gen Ryzen or just throwing an old mini-itx board with a crappy Atom CPU in there that I already have sitting around.

      Oh, and also figuring out backing up stuff to burnable blu-ray media so that I can take my current hot and cold backup drives and make them both hot without losing having a cold backup. If anyone here does disc-based backups, I’d love to hear your process.

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      Might take a break from type checking and play with Erlang. Or Elixir?

      So, should I do robotics stuff with it, or should I build a video streaming site?

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      Finally finished the third post from https://lobste.rs/s/tignw7/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_aj0pl4 late last night, and my reward is… starting the fourth (hopefully final) post in the series.

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      I’m working on a CLI tool (in Go) for processing JSON documents of varying structures and finding predefined meta keys that hold “commands”. Right now I’m adding a “:speak” command that tells the tool to generate speech by reading the text at a given source key, generating the speech, and writing the mp3’s path back to the JSON file under a given “destination” key. It’ll be used to generate audio for various language learning components, which each have their own JSON files.

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      For HardenedBSD:

      1. Over the weekend, I got a working build of a HardenedBSD 13-STABLE-based fork of OPNsense. I need to get the public infrastructure set up to provide the ability to publish the package repo for this fork.
      2. The server which used to build our 12-STABLE package repo is now sitting unused (since we delegated support for 12-STABLE to the community and no longer provide official support). I’m going to get that prepared to do periodic builds of mfsBSD-based HardenedBSD, and LiveCD distro that one of our developers created, and the HardenedBSD OPNsense fork.

      For personal life:

      1. Try to hit my goal of biking 60 miles in a singular week. I’ve lost 25 pounds since I started biking regularly in March. My target weight is 170lbs and I’m at 177lbs now.
      2. Completely finish constructing our backyard fence.

      For work:

      1. Finish up the business logic code I’m writing in C (as a shared object).
      2. Integrate that new logic in our PHP extension and CPython module.
      3. Finish getting set up on CIRCL’s MISP instance.