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    I think my main problem with this is that feels more like a sales piece than a technical one. After reading this I don’t feel like I learned anything from it. One example

    “Logs are cheap.” Not if you’re doing anything decently interesting with them, they’re not. Lots of people get intense sticker shock when they look at SaaS pricing, because they think what they’re doing now is free. Lots of these same people have tens of thousands of dollars per month in submerged AWS hosting costs, just to run the instances to power their own bare-bones logging infra. Once you factor the human costs in of keeping that pipeline limping along, it’s usually more expensive.

    It’s easier to say “yeah logs are surprisingly expensive” than to provide hard numbers or a simulation. But I’d learn a whole lot more from the case study than an unsupported claim.

    Also stuff like

    “Lossless logs are a reasonable goal.” Uh … sure, if by goal you mean “something we all super agree with in theory but will trade off for nearly anything else in reality”.

    Sets off alarm bells in my head.