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    I’ve heard a few people mention negative things about OpenNIC, but they’ve never substantiated their claims or elaborated on what issue they have with the service. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the issue is with OpenNIC?

    Personally, it’s a not-my-ISP DNS provider that doesn’t do DNS hijacking and offers a community to decide on what other TLDs should be served which isn’t motivated by profit (looking at you ICANN). That sounds awesome to me! What am I missing?

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      OpenNIC’s TLDs grant you access a whole new space on the web. These domains can only be accessed using our democratic nameservers.

      This seems like a bad idea considering ICANN keeps approving new TLDs all the time and the OpenNIC ones could potentially conflict in the future. Then users using OpenNIC servers suddenly can’t see properly-registered domains on the internet. I would imagine it’s also impossible to register TLS certs for such domains, since providers can’t do domain/whois validation on these fake domains.

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        Then running a local resolver could be a better compromise.

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          This very thing happened with opennic’s .free TLD, and it was a cause of some annoyance.

          There have been talks of trying to set up a CA, but nothing concrete yet.

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          I’ve used their resolvers for about 4 years now, mostly because I trust my ISP very little and GOOG even less. It takes some experimentation, but I’ve always managed to find non-logging servers with pings under 60ms. The only downside has been the tendency for individual servers to go out of service after a year or two, with no warning.