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    What’s a “fantasy console”?

    OK, so a fantasy console apparently is:

    1. An all-in-one software development kit for video games, typically distributed as a single binary containing a text editor, sprite editor, map editor & sound editor.

    2. A standard set of artificially imposed development constraints, such as restricted graphical resolutions, color palettes, RAM usage, or storage space.

    3. The games, apps, toys and demos developed from these constraints, and the aesthetics

    (from https://medium.com/@G05P3L/fantasy-console-wars-a-guide-to-the-biggest-players-in-retrogamings-newest-trend-56bbe948474d)

    New term to me!

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      For those that might not know, another open source fantasy computer is the TIC-80. Also the most successful of the fantasy console is the PICO-8 but it is closed source (though quite affordable for all the games and games’ source code you get access to).

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        Oh no, it has another custom programming language, which reminds me of gdscript in Godot engine. But maybe it’s better in practice than Lua used in most fantasy consoles. And it has some standard library, which even has vector arithmetic, unlike Lua, which does not have even basic list manipulation functions, and due to nature of most fantasy consoles, it’s hard to bring your own libraries.

        I used TIC-80, and on the one hand, it gives really quick start and allows you to focus on game from the start, and has nice editors for everything built-in (except for code, editor for code is unusable), but on the other hand, Lua is truly horrible language, and despite I was using fennel on top of it, it was very, very painful: kafkaesque hashmap-based lists, no debug printing (you can print only strings), nils returned from everywhere, even on wrong variable name (but then crashing even on string concatenation). And due to “cartridge-based” system, in order to bring your own libs to it, or just if you want to have your code to be in multiple files, you have to make your own build system that concatenates files (example). So, I dream of fantasy console with all these sprite, tile editors, and most importantly, music tracker, but with everything stored in regular file system, and with proper programming language (even js is proper programming language compared to lua).