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    you can specify a flake URI like github:${OWNER}/${REPO}#${ATTRIBUTE}

    I think you meant ${FORGE}:${OWNER}/${REPO}#${ATTRIBUTE}. Many alternatives exist and we should promote those! I see that this is followed with the clause that it’s for GitHub, but I’d still like to see the post being a bit more generic and inclusive.

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      I wish there was a way to add more aliases, so that I could coalesce git+https://my.selfhosted.git.example.com/owner/repo.git to alias:owner/repo.

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          Registry is not as useful as being able to define separate alias in form of my_alias:owner/repo.

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            Unfortunately, the registry lets you add aliases for a specific flake. It does not currently support adding aliases for hosts or sources in general. I have considered writing a patch that adds what I want to nix before it’s compiled, but that’s much less portable.