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    Negative feedback almost never leads to cancelling the roll-out of a change, because the team’s pride is on the line.

    I didn’t realize how bad the redesign was until I got online and saw people blasting it. Heck, I even thought it was an improvement!

    If I and my coworkers all thought the redesign was great, isn’t it possible that the GitHub devs also received significant positive feedback?

    Criticize all you want, but remember: Most of the time, all you have is subjective opinion. If someone disagrees with you, don’t assume they’re only doing so because their pride is on the line. Maybe they actually know how to do their jobs, and you don’t have the information required to make decisions for them.

    Criticism is OK. Disrespect and cheap parting shots aimed at the character of a dev team… Not OK.

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      As a library maintainer, I really like the new design, as somebody who lived in constant fear of clicking on an update to an important issue then it immediately disappearing from my inbox in the old design. I’m sure there’ll be more polish done on it in the coming months.

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        The new functionality is useful, but the list layout and dickbar design are still poorly thought out.

        You can get the “unread” feature with Refined GitHub extension. It integrates nicely with the sidebar, where it should be. It also has immensely useful “open all in tabs” button that makes dickbar unnecessary.

        The design has been in beta for a while. I thought the bar was like that only because it was just a rough prototype and they didn’t want to touch the rest of the page for an experiment, but they’d properly redesign it for the final version. Apparently not!

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        GitHub has a problem in that some pages are well-suited to full-width and some are not. For this reason, I use the Stylus extension and a regex that only matches URLs that contain the code view. I can’t believe they’re making this view full-width before the code viewing one.

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          I like the notifications page, but the blue dickbar you get when clicking a notification is too tall and not very useful. I love “mark as unread” (and should investigate “save”), but “back to notifications” is silly (duplicates the bell — also who doesn’t open each notification in a new tab?!), “unsubscribe” duplicates the issue sidebar and “done” I do not understand at all — the notification is already marked read by visiting the issue…

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            That, at least, can be easily removed. I’ve already added it to my remove-fixed-headers uBlock Origin list.

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              Pressing done (or the tick on the notifications page) removes it from the list of notifications. Just visiting it only seems to grey it out.

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                Yeah, I don’t like the fixed header either. They have a feedback link on the notifications page and I’d encourage you to send this.

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                see also the organization permissions page, which has seven ‘save’ buttons. pressing one of the save buttons only saves changes to the form element directly above that button, discarding any other edits made to the form. there is also a dropdown on this form with no save button, because it saves your changes instantly

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                  At my current company, we do basically all of our work on Github. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the Github notification panel. A simple view of all PRs that my team is tagged in works well enough.

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                    It’s more important if you work on multiple repos across multiple orgs. Can get hard to manage fast.