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    How Dark deploys code in 50ms devops practices medium.com

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    The page is a marketing piece for Dark but the analysis in “Why are Continuous Delivery pipelines so long?” is essentially correct. We allowed the complexity of the development process to grow unchallenged and unquestioned.

    Here’s some food for thought: https://people.kernel.org/monsieuricon/patches-carved-into-developer-sigchains

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      Ironically, Paul founded CircleCI.

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      Hey folks, author here. Happy to answer questions if you have any!

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        There’s some pretty good discussion in HackerNews: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20394166

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          There is. Unfortunately, much higher quality discussion than we’re seeing here.

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            It happens. Still prefer this site over HN.

            Imo, consistently higher quality content.

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          How can this be spam when I’m not the author of this story?

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            It reads like a marketing brag piece, and the product is apparently in “private alpha” so nobody here can test its claims.

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              Spam is the closest thing to “this is a bad article”.


              • Off-topic -> clearly about IT/Technology/Sciences
              • Already Posted -> not already posted (the link would appear at the bottom)
              • Broken Link -> link works just fine

              So, we are left with “Spam”: a catch all, which includes “Rubbish” but also “Marketing”, “Low Effort”, “Just Absolute Bollocks” and more.

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                Spam is the closest thing to “this is a bad article”.

                IMO off-topic is better used for this, e.g. when someone posts something that would fit in better on HN, even if it’s tech-related, it can be off topic for this site.

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                  Now this is interesting. You felt the need to “downvote” this story because you don’t like it, and you chose the only flag which could possibly be interpreted as “bad content”, under the assumption that on-topic “bad content” is something that you should be able to flag. I feel like you’re abusing the flag in doing so, but I also imagine that this form of abuse is quite common. In any case, it’s quite “low effort” on your part.

                  I suggest we would all be better served if you would instead articulate what you dislike about the story.

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                    Oi dude, don’t assume things out in the wild and then feel like you should be the one preaching the solution.

                    I just replied to OP’s comment, nothing else.

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                  I’m used to languages and development/orchestration tools being open source or at least something you can download an play with. Since I can’t do that, then or all practical purposes, as far as I’m concerned this Dark thing does not actually exist. And since it doesn’t exist, then reading about all of its impressive (and likely inflated) claims was a huge waste of my time.

                  (I didn’t flag, downvote, or upvote the story, however.)

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                    Commenting on a story acts like upvoting it, so you should probably flag it (that’s what I’m doing right now to cancel out my comment).