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    I took honors linear algebra in college, used linear algebra for differential equations, signals, machine learning, and robotics, used it for work, used it in my free time.

    I did not understand it until I watched this series.

    Video lectures can be so much more than a blackboard/whiteboard facsimile, and I hope to the gods that 3blue1brown makes more in-depth lecture series like this one, and I hope even more that other educators take this series as an example of what’s possible.

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      Also recommended in this vein is “Linear Algebra Done Right”.

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        Seconded! Here’s the webpage of the book including sample chapters: http://linear.axler.net/

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          I read some of this and I think I agree with the people who warned you should go through something like strang first.

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          Gotta love 3blue1brown; all his videos are so eye-opening. Not much of a surprise that he’s been hired by Khan Academy!

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            Wow these are really good, props to 3blue1brown.

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              His other videos are excellent as well, he’s really quite good at this format.