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    his mistake - blerp(1) on my OpenBSD current doesn’t have those crazy flags, it just blerps ;)

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      Specifically, his mistake is using GNU blerp.

      See also:

      cat came back from Berkeley waving flags

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        And cat came back from GNU waving --flagpoles.

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      Having taken a recent focus on scripting and automating all repeatable tasks at work, this is hilarious.

      Too much of my mental load recently has been dedicated to picking the right flags to represent the right kinds of arguments, which of course over time have different synonyms our team is used to.

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        That’s good though, a command line deserves a lot of mental load. Too many people forget that the command line is a user interface and that keeping it simple and intuitive provides real value.

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        I’ve downloaded the OpenBSD manpages on my Linux machine due to their quality. When I need a quick fix, I use a search engine like everyone else, but there comes a point where you should probably take the time to really learn the tool rather than “use -x in this case and -y in this other case”.