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    Love the little animations – they really get the point across that words just don’t.

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      …as an optimization method for product design, especially through the use of A/B testing. (Or, more generally, where the solution space is dependent on your location in it.) Other than local maxima, none of these have anything to do with hill-climbing as an optimization algorithm over a static solution space.

      (I guess the lack of a “compsci” tag might imply this, but I would add some detail, like the phrase “A/B testing”, to the title.)

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        There are also areas on the intersection between CS and biology, anthropology, and probably some other fields, where environmental changes cause the fitness landscape to change, which is similar to what is happening here (the changes described in the post are endogenous whereas the ones I’m talking about are exogenous, but either way, the space isn’t static).