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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    Graduating high school.

    Also, I’m taking a class on Scala programming to occupy my time after I graduate, since online learning hasn’t really been substantial, but it’s been a distraction.

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        Congratulations and enjoy Scala! :)

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        Learning a bit of C, continuing to explore plan9/9front as a plausible main driver, possibly getting Upspin up and running on my local servers maybe. Some ec2 config work, some api integration work. Probably and hopefully not more than one foray into the outside world to gather supplies from the absolute minimum amount of shops, which I’ll time for minimal human foot traffic. Also we had to take down the pool and there’s a fair bit of cleanup left. Also most of these tasks are done with a 2-month-old baby strapped to my chest, except the buying stuff.

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          Learning a bit of C

          C is a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve been learning it the last year or so, and I finally understand, to a degree, memory management through pointers, free(), malloc(), etc.

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            Aye. I’m reading through K&R, even though it must be a bit dated by now. I did a lot of Go, which weirdly helps with some bits, less so with mem management; I haven’t really had to deal with that in the past, i have a vague understanding of stack vs heap and that’s about where my memory allocation knowledge ends: gotta allocate if you want stuff to exist when you return, is my gross oversimplification of my already overly simplistic mental model.

            I wanna be able to read Plan9/9front code. Their C is a bit different, but the differences are well documented. So, ANSI C it is.

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              For me, I think what might have helped to understand the distinction was when I learnt enough of assembly to understand how function calls work. Because function calls basically make you need/want stack, and also as a side effect they introduce a possibility of “local” (per function call) variables. While the “heap” is basically “all the rest of the memory that is not stack”. Where also part of this memory is then commonly taken by the OS for managing this memory itself, such as tracking of which areas of this “heap” are “reserved” (allocated) by which process. (Though stacks are also “reserved” per process by the OS.) Not sure if I managed to make anything more clear to you… ;)

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                Yes! Thanks!

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                  Awesome! :) happy to help :) if you have more questions feel free to ask, I will try to help if I can :)

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                I’ve heard K&R has alot of gotchas, but the writing style is just so fantastic that I can’t not recommend it. I still consider the c string copy function to be a work of art.


                Of course it doesn’t work for utf-8. Or do bounds checking. I’m sure there are other problems.

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              Have you been documenting your learnings from K&R? I had a brief interlude a few months back reading through the first few chapters. Would love to hear or read about your experience!

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              Continue working on my programmable RTS game (think age of empires with programmable units and buildings). Started a low-volume (1 email every 2-3 weeks) newsletter about it this last weekend to help me with motivation.

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                1. My new memory profiler for Python is now publicly available as open source (https://pythonspeed.com/products/filmemoryprofiler/), so next up need to do some promotion.
                2. More research on security scanners for Python+Docker.
                3. Working on more chapters and related articles about programmer productivity for my book on the topic (https://codewithoutrules.com/secretskills/).
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                  Building tiny Jamstack applications for fun and to explore the ecosystem.

                  Netlify is a great platform (and has a generous free tier) and I plan to take advantage of it!

                  E.g., my first: https://real-rainy-mood.netlify.app

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                    Haven’t heard about Netlify before. It seems to help folks who publish static websites. Just thinking out loud:

                    • Why some one would like to go with static website when dynamic website platforms such as WordPress offers so much functionality ?

                    I’m still a newbie, so forgive me this is a stupid question to ask. (And no I haven’t googled to read more on this either).

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                      WordPress is harder to keep from getting hacked would be the biggest one. Next up would be that a static site is trivial to scale by drag & drop into S3/cloudfront and won’t break when you upgrade php/mysql or if you’re missing some php plugin.

                      WordPress is a great tool though. Hard to find something else as feature rich and accessible.

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                        That’s a good point. I’m planning to play around myself with Static website deployment and see how that goes. Thank you!

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                        The Jamstack website gives a better introduction than I can but I’ll list some reasons why I like Netlify so far.

                        Painless UX and integration with GitHub. My code builds and deploys when I commit to master.

                        Free serverless functions (so I can hide API keys and other secrets), free forms so I can build basic contact pages, free identities (e.g. gated content which requires sign up/login). I’m pretty sure it works with OAuth sign up/login which means integrating with any provider but I’m still researching this.

                        Fast deploys (as low as ~30sec which includes building the static website).

                        Netlify CMS addresses the question of: what if someone non-technical wants to just edit posts?

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                          Thank you very much for explanation. Yes website definitely answers all my questions. While there I noticed they have virtual summit at the end of May. I’m hoping to catch up following 3 talks specifically:

                          Thank you again!

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                      Prep for a contract gig. Plan to play a few games of go with my wife and hope to have her enjoy it enough to become a hobby.

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                        Continuing the job search and trying to convince myself that it’s worthwhile to follow through and finish small personal projects.

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                          I’m in that boat as well. One of my secrets is to have my personal projects in widely-varying fields so that I don’t have to force myself if I’m not feeling it at the time.

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                          Combination of stuff:

                          • building software for booking and subsequent transfer of tests results for a fleet of COVID-19 testing centers.
                          • realizing that Pride and Prejudice is one of the wittiest pieces of writing ever created. My gateway drug was the 1995 mini-series and I immediately bought the Audible e-book afterwards.
                          • recording part-II of my screencast episode about programmatic SEO (I’m an indie developer and manage to wrangle 200k page views). First one here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC17mJJnvzAa_e9qQqLIfIeQ?view_as=subscriber
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                            On Wednesday I have a presentation for my Topological Data Analysis course, it’s coming together but it’s slow. I also want to implement and replicate results from a paper in python+numpy seeing how a common combination is for scientific computing.

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                              Learning Rust, which to this point I find it enjoyable as a whole. Really dig the syntax, except maybe the lifetime annotations which seems they won’t be everywhere. Next steps are consuming more resources on the language until I have a better feel for the language and writing my own blog engine with event sourcing and in-memory storage for the backend and frontend which seems like an interesting take for me.

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                                I need to give rust another look. Last time I tried it I had serious issues getting my personal “hello world” project to work because of lifetime issues, but the project doesn’t stand still. It seems they’re making great strides, and people keep building really interesting stuff with it.

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                                Launching a site for campus, with a major change from creating accounts on first login…. To pre-provisioning accounts prior … Launches on Thursday for 20k+ students.

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                                  Chugging through the tail end of the Weekly Python Exercises course (week 12 / 15) and on the side working through The Nature of Code based on a recommendation from @whatrocks. I’ve just started working through the first chapter but am really enjoying it. I need a break from hard core problem solving drill & practice, and this is a way to keep me thinking about programming in a different way that feels way more like play than work :)

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                                    It’s one of those weeks when nothing on agenda (incl. the coding parts) look very fun to do. Tons of administriva, knocking off rough edges in code before production, fixing VPN to customer demo site…

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                                      Don’t worry, will be better some next week :) maybe even in this one you’ll still find some surprising wormhole that will pull you in and the day will pass with you not even noticing :)

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                                      Last week, I hacked together Pong in Rust, learning entity-component-system architecture along the way. I won’t say it’s pretty, but it was fun. There’s one physics bug where collisions don’t actually displace the objects that collide, instead only bouncing them. This can cause objects to get stuck inside one another briefly.

                                      This week, I’m going to start scheming what my second game will be. Probably a local multiplayer game in the vein of either Bomberman or Scorched Earth. I probably won’t use Rust for this; this part of the ecosystem is a bit immature and I don’t have the time to put towards improving it.

                                      I’m sold on ECS. I’d like to try MonoGame with an ECS library, or maybe just use C++. If you have tools you like for gamedev, please let me know! I’m interested in being able to build games for desktop and the web. I prefer typed languages, and good ECS libraries are essential.

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                                        Have you tried Nim? It is typed and compiles to C or C++ or JS. Though no idea if there are ECS libs :( however it has really trivial FFI to the chosen backend (be it C or C++ or JS).

                                        edit: tried to find some ecs; also searching for game-related libs in general.

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                                        I started on a new team at my company a couple weeks ago. I’m still learning my way through the system.

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                                          • Learning how to use Terraform to provision our Atlassian Application infrastructure on GCP
                                          • Continue to work on creating Jira Data Center single node setup so that Business users can start UAT on our STAGE environment.


                                          • I’m lagging behind on my goal to publish blog post weekly on my website
                                            • To make life easier over the weekend I’ve complied list of topics that I’ve worked on and think that it will be useful to others to read through it.
                                            • First article that I will be taking stab at is on how one update usernames using Jira Server APIs. Atlassian Support Team informed that they would love to linked this blog post to their Jira Knowledge Base articles. So that’s the another incentive to get it done!
                                          • Follow through on this article on Unix Commands written in Rust. Want to use these lovely commands in my day-today work!
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                                            I’ve been hacking at a personal language as a part of a challenge on /r/conlangs. I have my work-in-progress documentation book here: http://lewa-book-devel.kahless.cetacean.club:43001/

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                                              That is so cool!

                                              Me and my kid always talk some gibberish in front of other family members and act like we understand each other. Also I always admired how authors create new languages as part of their book! I guess we can definitely create a our language then. Will dig into it may be later, first will think of the name for our language :-)

                                              Thanks for sharing!

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                                                No problem! I’ve been working on a worldbuilding project for a long time on a story that may never actually be completed. It’s been fun, despite the delayed gratification.

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                                              (last week: https://lobste.rs/s/qbjfe7/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_277whb)

                                              $WORK: Managed to get a lot done on the paper during the week and then almost none during the weekend. I think I needed a break from working on it because I kept finding myself getting distracted on things that aren’t important (e.g. I tried to write my own mapping library to work around problems I found in Leaflet, but now I’m going to throw that code out because it’s probably got more problems of its own).

                                              I start my new internship today and have a lot of on-boarding stuff to do (training, paperwork, etc). I’m hoping that I can start working on some of the work I’ll be doing, if I can get onto all of their systems I’ll need. So this week I’m just adjusting to all the new things and trying not to look too bad.

                                              $HOME: Re-made that salad dressing from last week and it was even better. Sometime this week, we’ll make it another time but writing down measurements we use. I think it’s also possible we’ll finish watching Bones and can switch to another series. We’re missing the final/most recent seasons of 4 shows now. Some friends and I just finished our playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin 2 and we loved it. We’re looking to find another game like it to play.

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                                                I’m re-learning how to do OPNsense development. I’m enhancing the Suricata integration to handle custom alert types.

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                                                  Figuring out an improved backlinks tree view for neuron zettelkasten.

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                                                    I want to implement microKanren and play around with it.

                                                    Bloodborne -> beat some boss in the Forbidden Woods.

                                                    Be outside for as much as I reasonably can.

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                                                      💼: Getting pulled into mobile projects as a bit of a relief valve.

                                                      🖥️: My friend came to me with a project that I think is a perfect candidate for event sourcing (pretty strict audit requirements), so I’m starting to learn the intricacies there. I have another Flutter project to put more work to that I feel behind on.

                                                      🏡: We want to mount a big wall-to-wall mirror in a nook in our dining room. I want to DIY but I’m worried about walls not being square and getting a tight enough measurement for the glass manufacturer.