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A response to this: https://lobste.rs/s/1yw6jf/shall_we_fork_debian


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    So one version (init version) handles more configuration parameters (loaded via sysconfig files), edge cases (missing binaries, missing env vars), makes aliases itself, and handles reloading.

    The other version (systemd conf file) farms out work to a couple makefiles to create aliases (hides some amount of work in external callable), omits some edge case handling (maybe it wasn’t necessary), and doesn’t handle reloading.

    Not sure what this is trying to show, other than the fact that one version is long, and the other is short. Gotcha.

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      Um, the init script calls make too, so it’s a little unclear why that counts as hiding work in an external callable – also, a shell script is made of external callables.

      It doesn’t handle reloading, since reloading systemd services is done in a consistent way by systemd rather than repeatedly implemented ad-hoc across every init script.

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      Strange that they don’t have any side-by-sides of SysV’s built-in binary-only logger or its unnecessary init-based(?) DHCP server.

      Oh, right, they don’t exist.

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        [meta] I like Lobsters' tag system in general, but doesn’t having a <satire> tag on this post spoil the joke?

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          The only joke in this is the support for systemd!

          (Sorry, couldn’t resist)