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    Are there any decent post-mortems of Plan 9, particularly around designs that turned out ‘not so great’?

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      acme comes to mind as a wart, essentially the emacs of plan 9. i’m not aware of any formal post-mordems, but it is generally understood that the duplication of window management and mouse interaction is ugly, and should be integrated into the window system.

      venti+fossil was abandoned by 9front but again no post-mordem, and i’m not sure of the reasons.

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        acme comes to mind as a wart, essentially the emacs of plan 9.

        The fact it’s still maintained and used indicates this is your personal preference, as opposed to a design wart.

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          i don’t think it indicates that. the maintainers and users of acme even acknowledge it as a wart, but they keep it going because it would be more work to re-implement it more elegantly. this happens all the time with software.

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        Not as far as I can tell. Development was never formally stopped, it just trailed off by 2007; so there’s not really any specific time you can point to as mortem. You might have luck asking some of the 9front people; I know @orib hangs around here. Can also try IRC: #cat-v (freenode).

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        There’s at least one open source fork of Plan 9 with an active development community:


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          I think it’s pretty well known fork-wise; I just stumbled upon the original paper, which might be of interest to those who are interested in Plan 9 apocrypha.

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          If you’re interested to try the tooling without the entire OS experience, there is also Plan 9 from User Space.