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      I might be missing it, but would be nice if there were some screenshots

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        lchat (line chat) is a line oriented front end for ii-like chat programs

        This means there literally is nothing to screenshot - it’s just lines of text in a terminal. Anything visually noticeable would come from the shell/terminal.

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          it’s just lines of text in a terminal

          But that’s something you can show. It sets expectations.

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          That still can be shown. I have no idea what to expect from this so I won’t bother.

          People working in Open Source need to learn a little bit of technical writing and marketing stuff.

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            I’d argue that people need to learn not to tell other people what to do in their free time. ;)

            I also wouldn’t be surprised if at least some suckless devs try to avoid marketing on purpose.

            On the technical writing bit. I wished more commercial tools came with proper man pages rather than huge pages of buzz words or a list of which company “uses” it.

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              As mat commented below, author posted his work here, so obviously want to show it and acquire potential users. It’s a waste of time creating something for others and not showing it’s capabilities with a clear, concise explanation. When I open source something for the benefit of the public, sometimes I spend MORE time properly documenting it and making it easier to use, showcasing what it can do and what value does it provide for the users.

              No need for buzzwords, just describe me what the thing does in a couple of sentences/screenshots.

              “Marketing” has real value, not just bullshit, but can be abused obviously. That’s not what I suggested here.

              As for comment on free time, I’m so tired of the idea that if you doing something in your free time, you are not allowed to do it properly, or provide high quality work, I don’t understand that reasoning, that’s just nonsense.

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              younix posted their work here, so I feel like it’s probably safe to assume they were looking for feedback.

              do you have any examples of tools that have a buzzword-laden marketing page but no man pages? this is not a phenomenon with which I am familiar

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              I’d argue that people need to learn not to tell other people what to do in their free time. ;)

              You’ve just dismissed any critique of… literally anything completed outside of wage labor. This is not a useful contribution to any kind of discussion. ;)

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                How so? You didn’t criticize, you imperatively told people what to do. I did that in the same style as your sentence.

                Also despite not quoting it I gave you a reason for why it might not be the way you want it to be.

                Just for you to respond that my criticism of your statement is “not useful”.

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            and marketing stuff.

            I’ve seen that claim - poor marketing - leveled at a few outfits including suckless and sourcehut.

            I think it’s wrong, and in fact their marketing is excellent. Consider the niche they’ve gone after, and won.

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        I thought about that, too. In default its just “tail -f out” with an “>” input prompt.

        The UI of lchat is outsourced to the .filter program/script and the other .title and .prompt files. If you have something fancy there, than its worth to screenshot it. I experimented with the filter/indent.c program and some awk and sed scripts, but none of them is ready to use yet.

        When someone creates some cool filter for lchat, I would publish them on the suckless website.

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      Very nice work by @younix! It’s refreshing to see more minimal interfaces given most modern chat clients (e.g. Element, Discord, etc.) are implemented with Electron, which makes them very bloated and slow. Maybe we end up with a suckless implementation of the Matrix protocol some day; I find it the most promising among the new contenders, but it also comes with a certain (necessary) complexity.

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        are implemented with Proton

        Electron. Proton is Valve Software’s extension of WINE.

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          Thank you, I have fixed it in the original comment.

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      i tried to play around with it and managed to get it to compile on macos without much issue, but i have no idea how to actually use it with ii since theres no actual instructions, just a diagram of how it works.

      i tried piping the stdout of ii into lchat but ii was unhappy that i was outputting to something that isn’t a tty.

      Does anyone have an example of how to actually use this?

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        via IRC, someone wrote a post about it after seeing the questions here: https://jeskin.net/blog/irc-ii-lchat/

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          Thanks for your blog post.

          @dijit is right. Its not obvious, how to use lchat if your are not already familiar with ii.

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