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    Almost always middleware require a logger, database connection and other service. I’ve read this article and dont understand how it is differ from a plain (with gorrila toolkit or plain net/http) middleware implementations. This is just another piece of overengeenering.

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      Seems like http.Request#Context() will get you access to framework-specific things.

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      I’m surprised they didn’t proofread this before hitting publish. The plural of middleware is still just middleware. It’s like water. You would not say “a water”.

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        That does seem pretty nice. I’ll have try to remember this next time I need some middleware logic.

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          I always reach for alice if I have to do any chaining of middleware functions. I like this library because it allows you to use any middleware out there so long as it is an http.Handler.

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            Why bring a dependency into your project for a single convenience function that isn’t actually more convenient than typing things out explicitly?

            var h http.Handler
            h = actualHandler
            h = innermostMiddleware(h, ...)
            h = additionalMiddleware(h, ...)
            h = outermostMiddleware(h, ...)
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              You don’t even need to railroad track it if you are willing to have a longer line