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    I’ve worked with people who started off in the seventies. Someone like that should have been included, someone who’s on the verge of retirement.

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        So our original, well-researched article with 3 interviews done with real people is spam? What wouldn’t be spam, out of interest?

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          I believe the objection here is that your sole engagement with this community, to date, is to link to your business. The quality is irrelevant.

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            Sorry that’s not correct. 7 posts, 3 about SQLizer.

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              I stand corrected - you have posted a link on astrophysics that’s not from your business.

              3 posts from SQLizer, 3 posts from your other gig weared4, 1 (quite fascinating) bit of astrophysics.

              To be clear, I’m not taking a position here on whether the content is spam; I’m trying to explain why some people are calling it that.