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Announcing the “record” library, which is an API of just two quasi-quoters, providing a full-scale solution to the notorious records problem of Haskell.


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    This looks great, as a mostly-Scala guy. I’d like to hear opinions from more Haskell nerds. :)

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      It’s good if you really wanted Overloaded Record Fields, but won’t move the needle for a lot of Haskellers. Learning lens and how to use it effectively will frequently be more important.

      There’s a documentation advantage to prefixing your record accessors that is not unlike the advantage of using newtypes.

      My bet is that when ORFs is attached to a GHC release, people will start using that instead to avoid the QQ syntax and opaqueness.

      That all said, I’m still glad it exists. Nikita has been doing some really great work.