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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.

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      Hello and hope you all had a great week.

      I’m still working on improving my Z3 bindings (https://github.com/prove-rs/z3.rs), but I’ve found a bunch of things that needed to be improved upstream in the main Z3 repository (https://github.com/Z3Prover/z3). I’ve got a long list of things now that should be improved in the Z3 implementation.

      If anyone knows of an organization that is using Z3 and would like to sponsor some upstream maintenance, I’d love to talk. I’ve been doing this in my spare time, but there’s a ton of things that need to be done and Z3 is so foundational to so much of what’s going on in some fields these days.

      I also updated the Rust bindings for Harfbuzz to the most recent release of Harfbuzz.

      I’m also continuing to get some things upstreamed into Zircon, the microkernel powering Fuchsia.

      Apart from all of that … I’ve been learning about making translucent wood, translucent concrete, and research into various wood-based materials that are pretty interesting. I’m also reading up on techniques involving the impregnation of wood with sodium silicate.

      Oh, and I’m doing a lot of client work, but nothing much there to speak publicly about.

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      I am writing an authentication plugin for the Yesod framework. I’ve been using roughly the same authentication code for a couple of years, and I never bothered to extract it into a library, so now I’m doing that.

      It’s also a good chance for me to learn how to get haddock documentation working properly. I’ve learned how to run haddock on individual libraries from a nix-shell, which is a good move forward for me. It means I now have more motivation to extract business logic into libraries in my web apps, and also to properly document those libraries.

      Once my auth plugin has documentation and tests, I intend to publish it on Hackage.

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      Learning React by re-creating the Pacman game. Quite fun and state lifting adventure :)

      For money I’m building a landing page and designing a logo. Quite exciting too!!

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        Coding that game gave me an appreciation for how much work goes into the simplest of games. I stopped griping about QA in games unless it obvious stuff on AAA titles that they just had to have ignored for extra profit.

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          Quite infinite a game can become! Right now on my pen and paper version 9 should make the pacman reactive to live tweets, and version 10 should put into VR via a-frame.


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            That’s way cooler than my toy game was! :)

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      Preparing a product for EMC test: making test software and bending an EMI shield can for one of test specimen.

      A great thing about living in the future is that things like these are easily available.

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        I didn’t know those existed. Thanks for the link!

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      Aside from research, I’m working my way through “Algebraic Theories: A Categorical Introduction to Universal Algebra” and a bunch of papers related to describing syntax & models of syntax in category theory.

      For a rare programming interlude I am debating on whether or not I should add an elaborator to nbe-for-mltt or create a separate repo to do this.

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      I’ll have finished writing a ant to Gradle migration tool yet I’m no closer to understanding Gradle, groovy syntax is so weird.

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        Ooh, I might be interested in that. I have little doubt the horrifying abominations that my employer has built in ant will strenuously resist automatic conversion, but even the possibility of reducing the build tool count by one is intriguing.

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          well, for one you can interact with ant from within gradle, so you can pitch that to your manager/employer

          my tool essentially translates the dependencies and classpath files, for our specific project layout, but if need help in the future I could help

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      • Prototyping what would be involved in bringing up our own infrastructure on physical hardware (be that rented or owned).
      • Squishing bugs in a data export process
      • Improving our infrastructure monitoring and setup


      • Getting the Project BMW running again, it’s been neglected for too long and I can spent lunchtimes tinkering with it. (Also the MOT on it runs out soon, would be good to get it in for re-test soon. Needs to be running to do that!)
      • Playing with an ESP32 I picked up recently to see if I can get it doing what I want with Homekit directly, rather than going via MQTT/HomeAssistant.
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      I’ve spent a couple of days building a Literate Programming style tool, which additionally understands image declarations like graphviz and plantuml and generates figures in the document.

      I’ve still got a bit to go on that, then I want to rewrite it in itself.

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      This week I’m continuing to work on Rust, primarily. I’m trying really hard to not get defeated by the complexity of the language (I come from web languages like JS and PHP).

      I bought a book to help me learn it, and I’m doing the #100DaysOfCode Challenge to motivate myself for consistency. My goal is to make it my most fluent programming language by the end of 2019.

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        Sounds like we have a similar background. I recommend the book Seven Languages in Seven Weeks in this case.

        Learning how to learn programming languages and understanding other programming paradigms together were a huge level up for me as a programmer.

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      • Doing this year’s Advent of Code puzzles in C++ since I’m teaching myself that language. GitHub repo here

      • Getting past being horribly stuck in chapter 5 of Stroustrup’s “A Tour of C++” book. I suspect I’m just getting lost in the constructor / destructor and reference versus pointer syntax because it’s been so long since I’ve actually used it.

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      $home: I’ve been working through the advent of code challenges live on stream (recordings) so I plan to continue doing that this week or at least for however long I make it. Waking up at 6:30 takes quite a toll on me as I can’t seem to fall asleep early enough to get a good eight hours (which seems to be the minimum I require per night) so I’ve mostly been going on 5 and a half to 6 hours’ sleep per night so far. There are a couple PRs to Dramatiq that I’m going to have to merge and one to Molten that I’m going to have to pick up b/c the original author can’t finish it.

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        How many viewers? Any revenue from streaming?